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Our Solar Gives Back program unites industry professionals into a collective effort to provide solar education and equipment across the world.

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Empowering People

Through the use of Solar Energy and Education

Our Mission

Solar Kits For Change's mission is to uplift people by providing solar equipment and education to schools, communities and small business. 

Solar kits for Change hospital project

Educational aid

Solar Kits for Change is excited for our partnership with the Peace Corp to aid the development of hospitals, schools, and community centers.  

For more information about our most recent project in Swaziland, click the link below.

Solar PV Barber kit

Business Development

We construct and teach the maintenance of micro-solar kits.  These kits are able to produce a reliable means of new occupation.

Click below to donate to entrepreneurs around the world.

Teaching solar photovoltaic design

Solar PhotoVoltaic design 

We are happy to share and demostrate our knowledge of Solar PV with communities around the world.  

Click below to see the impact of empowering nations with solar energy.

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