SKFC Projects


Photo-voltaic Design

We are excited to share our knowledge of solar PV to anyone willing to learn.  SKFC promotes the education of the hands on design of solar PV modules to communities we reach. 

Our goal is to share our techniques and to grow renewable energy adoption, in the places where resources are scarce.   We believe our solar PV design workshops can be a catalyst for local leaders to develop and source their own materials to become energy producers.  


Hospital Project

Quality healthcare is especially important for rural regions of the world.  SKFC designed and taught the installation of an solar array for a hospital in Kenya.  We worked with locals to illuminate the hospital with LED lighting, which was previously being lit by kerosene lanterns. 

We worked side by side with the leaders of the hospital, to insure they were completely familiar with all the components of the system.  Through planning circuits, setting LED lights and connecting the battery bank.  We left knowing the hospital can now function safer for patients and staff while operating on efficient solar energy.  


Mobile Phone Chargers

Solar Mobile Charging Tool Kits are an Income Generation program which intends to provide easy access to mobile phone charging device for thousands of poor people, while also allowing it to be a source of income for some.

The toolkit will come handy for hundreds of street vendors, peddlers, rickshaw pullers, workers and other daily-wage earners in the City who rush to the nearest supermarket, hospital or shopping mall to charge their mobile phones. Some people in the area even use vehicle battery to charge their phones.

The main goal of the project is to provide solar power to charge a cellphone and also let disabled or low-income people in the community make some money.