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HARRY OLUPITAN - Board Chairman

Harry joined the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society(MRES) in 2009 , due to his enthusiasm to bring Solar Electricity as a source of energy and poverty alleviation to his home country, Nigeria, and other African countries. He later led an MRES team to Nigeria (Kaduna State) in 2012 for a solar lighting installation in a pediatric ward and student training in solar assembly. He later co-founded Solar Kits for Change with Fran Crotty and Jeff Lahay. His training in solar was through Minnesota Renewable Energy Society, and Midwest Renewable Energy Association in Wisconsin. Professionally he works in Healthcare in the state of Minnesota. 


FRAN CROTTY - Board Treasurer

Fran is co-founder of Solar Kits for Change™ with Harry Olupitan. Her past volunteer experiences in Guatamala, Nepal, Cambodia, Tanzania, and Nigeria lead to the realization that what people in developing countries want most is jobs – a way to lift themselves out of poverty. Her international solar training was through Green Empowerment in Portland Oregon. Professionally she works with renewable energy for the state of Minnesota.


GLEN GOLDSBY - Operations Manager 

To say Glen is motivated in the Solar Industry would be an understatement. Glen started his career in solar energy in 2012 when he literally went coast-to-coast – from New Jersey to California – to get multiple PV certifications. He began his career at Synapse Electric in Marin County. Upon his return to Minnesota in September 2012, Glen started as a Solar Technician for Sundial Solar. He has been working in the solar industry ever since. Recently he joined forces with Solar Kits For Change to assist with solar installations in communities that are less fortunate around the world.


Marcus Larson - Communications Manager

Marcus was introduced to Solar Kits for Change after starting with Sundial Solar in 2017.  He hopes to use his communication skills to bridge the gap between the developed world and places which do not have access to reliable energy.  Marcus will help contribute to SKFC goals by researching new approaches to existing technology and developing fundraising events.